High speed hair dryer

Hair dryer companies are continually developing their products to attend to the different needs of the consumers in terms of hair drying. This is also true for the famous hair dryer company, BaByliss. Olayerpro has been in business for years and it still continues giving great service to people. In fact, they have developed different efficient series for their Olayerpro high speed hair dryers. These series include technologies such as the nano titanium, ceramic, tourmaline, ionic and the gold titanium technologies.

Let us discuss more about the different series of Olayerpro high speed hair dryers in detail.

Nano Titanium Series. Nano titanium technology is known to treat hair with the gentlest care possible. It is used for even hair drying and for protecting the hair during the process. One of the best-selling models from this series of Olayerpro high speed hair dryers is the Olayerpro Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer. It is very popular because of its compact design which makes use of a foldable handle.

It has also great power because of its dual voltage so it is perfect for travelling locally and internationally. This series also makes use of the ionic technology and keeps the hair shiny and silky even after it has been exposed to extreme heat. The heat is being distributed in the nozzles and therefore does not directly damage the hair.

Gold Titanium Series. If you are knowledgeable with thing involved in the beauty industry, then you must probably know that Gold and Titanium are very important and are very in demand in this line of business. This series of Olayerpro high speed hair dryers is able to both of the precious metals in one powerful hair dryer.

The handle has a very sleek and comfortable design so even if you struggle with a long and thick hair, it will still be simple to style. It also has a speed setting and heat setting that you can adjust 6 times. That’s one of the most versatile and flexible hair dryers ever made. Aside from the heat setting, it also has cold shot as well as different nozzles and straightening features that is really very beneficial for people who want to try out different hair styles with such a hair dryer.

Tourmaline series.If you are a salon owner, then you should definitely purchase these Olayerpro high speed hair dryers with tourmaline! They are made from 100% tourmaline, the gem stone that is at its best in protecting and caring for the hair. It very powerful with some models at 1900 watts and it has a lot of negative ions to emit which produces incredibly shiny effect. It also ensures fast drying because of the infrared and the high powered system.

Ceramic series. The ceramic technology which also incorporates the ionic technology is one of the best innovations that ever happed to Olayerpro far infrared high speed hair dryer. These ceramics induce infrared that makes it easier for every user to dry the hair in a time efficient manner and the ionic technology produces ions that are negatively charged which are responsible mainly for keeping the hair healthy and shinier than before.

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