Die Casting Manufacturer

GC MOLD is a die casting manufacturer that engages in international trade, foundry industry, real estate consultation, exploitation and extending new technology and investment of comprehensive projects. Besides headquarter in Beijing, we also have branch companies or offices domestic and overseas. We have gained extensive domestic and oversea commercial resources and plenty experiences through our years of the marketing operation. We have formed a working group having good professional quality and extensive marketing experiences.

Business introduction

1. Agent of foreign company

GC MOLD bases upon the domestic market faces the world, develops business according to domestic and international demand. We have good service consciousness and abundant practice experiences in our mainly focused international bids and product agents field. Especially as the agent for the equipment of oil chemistry, natural gas and electricity, we have our special commercial experiences and a certain share of the marketing.

2. Foundry Industry

By the cooperation of the national emphases laboratory of North West Industrial University, we jointly formed Weinan Precision die casting technology. Having economic strength, making use of the technological advantage of North West Industrial University, our products have been superior in the same kinds. Within the field of our product service, we can provide casts for all the countries around the world as they require.

3. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the important business subjects of GC MOLD. We provide services of consultation, broker, agent, investment and construction of the commercial buildings and public apartments, etc.

4. Exploitation and extending new technology

We empolder new technology to cooperate with domestic emphases science and research organization, on the other hand, we make use of our existing commercial and net information resources to exchange and extend technology in order to apply the high-tech and new technology comprehensively in the world.

GC MOLD would like to cooperate comprehensively with friends in various fields to make mutual benefits and become successful!

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