Aluminium Casting

We are an Aluminum die casting China company that has Hot Chamber Die Caster with 20 years of experience and a reputation for superior casting ability and exceptional customer service.

Die Castings…Zinc and Magnesium… Over 15 National and International awards for “Excellence of Castings”.

Twenty (20) Hot Chamber Zinc Die Casting machines from 100 ton to 20-0 ton capable of producing parts from fractions of an ounce to 5 pounds in sizes ranging from ½” to approximately 12″ X 16″

Four (4) Hot Chamber Magnesium Die Casting machines from 125 to 315 metric tons capable of producing parts from fractions of an ounce to 4 pounds in sizes ranging from approximately 1″ to approximately 16″ square.

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • JIT and vendor certification implemented.
  • Engineering employs CADKey and PRO-E Software.
  • Computer-aided Design.
  • Extensive in-house machining capabilities. 
  • A separate adjacent plating division offers barrel plated finishes for zinc  in chromeplates, brass, copper-nickel and a variety of other common plating finishes.

In the 20 years that CNM Die Casting has been in business, we have grown for what we think are the best reasons: the renown of our high precision, high quality zinc and magnesium castings and a demonstrated approach of partnership with our customers.

This “partnership” attitude is one of deeds, not mere words. In effect, it means that we are committed to do whatever we can to help the customer.  Our ultimate goal is to find the most cost effective design of the product and the most efficient manufacturing process.



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